Why you will love it: for its effectiveness. It is intensively concentrated anti-wrinkless treatment, unreplaceable in fighting the first signs of aging. The serum effectively shallows the wrinkles and reduces the visibility of crow's feet and facial lines. Smoothes and tightens the skin, restores its firmness and elasticity and makes it regain its youthful apperance.

Our secret is: formula based on plant collagen obtained from acacia that makes the skin visibly regain its youthful glow. Biologically active tripeptide accelerates the cell renewal and reduces the depth of wrinkles . Vitamins A, C and E enclosed in liposomes, combined with beta-carotene moisturize and nourish the skin. We have enriched the serum with avocado oil that has a regenerating effect and protects against the harmful effect of external factors.

What else you should know about it: our fish collagen is the most effective composition of collagen peptides possible, optimized to support a beautiful skin. It is perfectly absorbed by the human body.

How to use it: gently massage the serum into a cleansed skin of face, neck and cleavage. Leave to absorb. Use it two times a week. You can use it alone or apply a face cream after using it.

What else we are proud of: research* prooved that after four weeks of using our serum, the elasticity of the skin increased averagely by 15%, and fine and medium wrinkles got reduced and less visible. 100% of the respondents confirmed that the cosmetic makes the skin regain its glow and youthful appearance.

* Based on independent application and utility research as well as instrument research conducted on a group of 25 people.

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