How to gently and perfectly cleanse your face?

Morning and evening cleanse is the first step of the daily routine. That is why we have created our GENTLE FACIAL WASH, which perfectly cleans the skin to make it smooth and soft to the touch. Thanks to active ingredients cares for its moisture and balance.


Why you will love it: it not only cleanses and refreshes the skin, but also cares for it. Gel is based on delicate cleansing agents which effectively remove impurities and excess of sebum, without affecting the skin's hydro-lipid layer.

Our secret is: the right combination of natural active ingredients that take care of the condition of the skin. The plant complex ensures its proper hydration and stimulates collagen synthesis. Prebiotics nurture the skin's microbiome, restoring its natural balance, and niacinamide allows it to stay young and radiant for longer.

What else we are proud of: our face wash is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Suitable for both women and men.

What smells so beautiful: black currant, patchouli, bergamot, peach, musk.

How to use it: apply a small amount of gel to your hands and gently massage it into damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Then rinse with water. Use in the morning and evening.


ACTIVE PLANT COMPLEX: raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, strawberry and cucumber extracts.

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