How to take care of sensitive skin around the intimate area?

Taking care of proper and regular hygiene of the most delicate parts of our body is extremly fundamental. That’s why our GENTLE GEL FOR INTIMATE HYGIENE AND SHAVING not only provides the freshness and protection but also perfectly cares of the skin during the shaving.


Why you will love it: for comprehensive action. The gel gently washes, provides an effective protection for mucous membranes and helps to maintain a proper bacterial flora and correct pH of intimate area. Reduces the unpleasant smell and ensures the long-lasting feeling of freshness. The gel creates a gentle foam which does not flow down the skin and facilitates the shaving. Makes the hair softer and reduces the susceptibility to irritation after shaving.

Our secret is: an extremly delicate formula based on gently wash components, enriched with active ingredients that take care of the body’s inimate area. The gel contains esters of xylitol that have an antibacterial and neutralizing effect as well as natural prebiotic that strengthen a skin’s microbiome and restore its balance. Lactic acid and betaine take care for proper moisturising of mucous membranes, allantoin regenerates the skin and panthenol has a soothing effect.

What else we are proud of: our gel is hypoallergenic so people with sensitive and prone to irritations skin can use it also. The gel has been tested under the supervision of a gynecologist. It is suitable for women and teenagers over 12 years old.

What smells so beautiful: subtle freesia and refreshing sea breeze.

How to use it: apply a small amount of gel to your hands and wash your inimtate area, then rinse carefully with water. For shaving - rub the gel until the delicate foam gets created, shave your intimate area and rinse thoroughly with water.


100% of the respondents* confirmed that gel has met their expectations. All respondents would buy this product again and recommend it to their friends.

* Based on independent application and use studies conducted on a group of 25 people.

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