II anniversary of Prouvé in Bulgaria

On 28 August, Partners and Ambassadors from Bulgaria celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our brand in their country. The celebrations took place in the beautiful city of Burgas on the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is one of our top markets. Even the difficult times of the pandemic have not prevented our Bulgarian Ambassadors and Partners from developing dynamically, expanding their structures and further promotions.

On the last weekend of August, Bulgarian Ambassadors and Partners came to Burgas to celebrate another year of their activities together. The special guests were the creator and owner of the brand - Katarzyna Trawińska and Dariusz Respondek - our double Ambassador (5 gold stars and 3 gold stars).

During the meeting the Ambassadors - Martin Andreev Metodiev (3 gold stars), Desislava Atanasova (2 gold stars), Mariya Lazarova (2 gold stars), Vesela Hristova Metodieva (1 gold star), Galina Stanimirova (1 gold star) and Rosica Aleksieva (1 gold star), shared their experience and stories of working with Prouvé.

Katarzyna Trawińska and Dariusz Respondek also gave their motivational speeches. During the ceremony Ambassadors and Partners also received statuettes and diplomas for promotions. There was also time for inspiring talks and good fun.

We thank all our Bulgarian Ambassadors and Partners for their commitment to our brand and wish you another great year filled with success!