Katarzyna Trawińska awarded for supporting the "Beautiful because healthy" campaign

On 13 June, the 10th edition of the national campaign "Beautiful because healthy”, organized by the Kwiat Kobiecości association, took place. The campaign has been supported for several years by Katarzyna Trawińska, who received the statuette during the gala for her involvement in activities promoting prevention of cervical cancer.

The aim of the campaign is to increase women's awareness of preventive gynaecological examinations and prevention of cervical cancer. As part of the campaign, women can take advantage of free pap smear and other tests related to the cancer diagnosis. Every year people and institutions who are not indifferent to the health of Polish women get involved in the "Beautiful because healthy" campaign. Ambassadors of this year's jubilee edition under the slogan: "Dear Ladies, To Your Health" include famous Men – Maciej Orłoś, Cezary Pazura, Andrzej Piaseczny, Łukasz Konopka and Dawid Kwiatkowski.

During the ceremonial gala, companies, institutions and media involved in the campaign received special statuettes for their involvement in the activities of the association. One of the winners was Katarzyna Trawińska, who has been supporting the campaign for years. As a woman and mother of two daughters she knows how important prevention and regular cytological examinations are for intimate health. 

- We must be healthy and strong in order to fulfil ourselves in our private and professional lives, pursue our passions and dreams. Let us remember that taking care of oneself also means undergoing medical tests and taking care of one's intimate health on a regular basis. Unfortunately, overwhelmed with a multitude of different matters we often forget about preventive care. And I urge women to have regular medical check-ups and not to delay them. Let’s remember about it ourselves and remind our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends of preventive examinations. It is an honour for me to be an ambassador of this campaign - said Katarzyna Trawińska while receiving the statuette.