Limited editions for the 3rd Anniversary of Prouvé

May is the month in which we celebrate another year of activity. On this occasion, we have prepared two unique products in a limited edition - Scented sachets and Matte Stylist Lip Pencil in a best-selling shade.

Wonderful aromas should also surround us at home and improve our mood. That is why we have created Scented sachets that will fill your chosen space with a beautiful scent of delicate jasmine flowers, refreshing lemon and aromatic pink pepper. Perfectly refresh drawers, dressers or shelves in wardrobes, laundry baskets, bags, handbags and also shoes, gradually releasing a pleasant aroma.

Matte Stylist Lip Pencil in a timeless and extremely feminine shade. Sensual red is our bestselling product from the limited edition, which is why it appears again in our offer. Thanks to the highly pigmented formula, it is easy to apply and one layer is enough to create an elegant, satin and long-lasting lip makeup. The lipstick contains vegetable oils and waxes that prevent the loss of water from the epidermis and protect the lips from the harmful effects of external factors.