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What is the inspiration:

the butterfly. Luciana's signature symbol. Light, airy, but at the same time strong and persistent in pursuit of its goal. It symbolizes transformation, beauty, and freedom – values that Luciana carries in her heart and reflects in her artistic projects. Feel uplifted! Ready to fly on the wings of imagination, in a world full of dreams and endless possibilities.


Exceptional notes

Orange - juicy, sunny orange opens the composition, bringing a touch of joy and energy. Its refreshing aroma immediately lifts the mood, evoking blissful afternoons spent in the shade of orange trees.

Rhubarb - in the heart note, it adds a bit of tartness and distinctiveness to the composition. Its green, slightly sour scent emphasizes the uniqueness of the perfume, creating an unforgettable impression. It gives the fragrance a bold, characteristic scent that expresses the personality and individuality of the woman wearing it.

Vetiver - gives the fragrance durability. It has an intense, earthy, woody-smoky aroma. Due to its soothing properties, it is also called "the oil of tranquility." It is a solid foundation on which to build your dreams, no matter how high you reach.

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