How to give your lips a unique color? Each of us is different, but we all want to look beautiful. Therefore, makeup, like clothing, should emphasize our individuality and at the same time remain natural. If you want your lips to have a unique shade, try MAGIC LIP BALM PENCIL which not only moisturizes and regenerates them perfectly, but also - thanks to the pigment present in the composition - will give them a fully individual color. COLORIZING LIP BALM PENCIL will accentuate your lips in an absolutely unique, unexpected way and restore their natural beauty.

What is our secret? the pigment present in the balm composition, which reacts to the pH of your lips, strengthening the natural shade of your lips and giving them a color for many hours. In combination with other pigments contained in the balm and the individual color of your lips, it gives a unique effect in the form of a shade that no one else will get.

What will you love it for? to restore a beautiful and well-kept look to your lips, we have enriched our balm with natural oils and waxes. Candelilla and Carnauba waxes perfectly moisturize lips and protect them against external factors, and cotton oil additionally regenerates delicate lip skin.

What will amaze you about it? a lightweight formula that makes the balm apply easily and precisely and leaves the feeling of smooth and soft lips with you for a long time.

How to use it? move out the stick and paint your lips with a smooth stroke. It doesn't require sharpening.

What else is worth knowing about it? you can achieve a more or less intense effect by applying one or more layers of balm to your mouth.

What will provide you with extra protection? an extremely mild formula, suitable for persons with sensitive skin.