Micellar Liquid 3 in 1 has been awarded Stylish Cosmetic 2019

Our multi-functional Micellar Liquid 3 in 1 won the 9th edition of the "Stylish Cosmetic of the Year" competition in the "Face Care" category.

The plebiscite organized by the luxurious website for women Styl.pl reveals the best products available on the Polish market. In this year's edition, our Micellar Liquid 3 in 1 received the most votes in its category and won the title of Stylish Cosmetic 2019.

3-in-1 micellar liquid allows you to effectively and quickly remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face. And it tones the skin, restoring its proper pH. We have enriched it with a complex of active ingredients as well as healing berry extract and hyaluronic acid, thanks to which the skin regains its beautiful appearance, vitality and proper hydration. Thanks to the delicate formula, it can also be used by people with sensitive skin and eyes, as well as those wearing contact lenses.