Created for all skin types. The hypoallergenic, 100% mineral formula nurtures skin, lending it a balanced and natural colour. It covers even large discolorations and imperfections perfectly during the first application. A rich, smoothing formula containing white clay, that does not cause a feeling of tightness or a mask effect, and the mineral filters protect against sun rays.

What you will love it for: the perfect, satin finish of your makeup, both for every day use and before a big night out.

What will delight you about it: the lasting and totally natural effect of covering up imperfections without leaving the skin dry that lasts for many hours.

What is our secret: the use of white clay, rich in numerous microelements and mineral salts with tightening and healing properties. The silicon, calcium, magnesium and iron present in the composition gently tighten pores resulting in perfectly smooth skin, while nurturing it at the same time.

100% Mineral loose powder & foundation ensures the long-lasting effect of a perfectly smooth complexion and a flawless make-up finish. It can be used in many ways: as a foundation (directly on top of the cream), as a makeup setting powder or a handy cosmetic used to discreetly patch up your makeup during the day. It does not dry the skin, it is easy to apply and spreads evenly on the skin, ensuring a uniform and natural color.

What you will love it for: its versatility. From now on you only need one product to look elegant, natural and fresh every single day.

How to use it: you can use it in two ways: DRY: pour a little powder onto the lid, dip the brush in it, shake off the excess and distribute it on the face in soft, circular motions. WET: before applying, spray the face or the brush you’re going to use with a toner, mist or hydrolate. This will allow you to achieve a longer lasting effect.

What will delight you about it: its extremely light texture, which makes this beauty care product easily attach to the brush and blend with the skin, ensuring exceptional durability of makeup. The compact case with a sifter insert is a great carry-on.

What is our secret: due to its simple, 100% mineral composition, our powder can be used even by individuals with a very sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Additionally, it contains mineral filters that provide protection against the harmful effects of sunlight.

What else should you know about it: you'll get the most natural effect a few minutes after applying the product when the minerals blend with your skin.

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