Molecular perfume - have fun with fragrance!

Each of us has our own style, personality and character that we like to emphasise every day. That's why we have created molecular perfumes, so you can create personalised, unique fragrances.

Molecular perfume is an innovative collection, dedicated to lovers of creating their own unique fragrances. They are so unusual because you can use them individually or combine them with each other to smell different every day. This way, from six unisex fragrances, you can create hundreds of unique compositions, adapted to your mood, the occasion or the weather. Each flacon reflects a particular memory or impression, such as a holiday by the sea, a fragrant garden or a walk in the woods.

>> Discover their power

Creating your own fragrance is very simple. You can mix 2, 3 or all 6 fragrances together, experiment with the order in which they are applied and with the proportions.

>> See how to do it

Until recently, this method of creating your own perfume was available to few and very expensive. We have made it possible for everyone to create their own fragrance, as unique as their fingerprints.

For a coffee with friends? For a business meeting? For a night out? Check out the possibilities