Prouvé Molecular perfumes awarded in the Love Cosmetics Awards contest

In this year's edition of the contest, our innovative molecular perfumes were awarded in the Breakthrough Idea category.

Love Cosmetics Awards is a contest in which the best products and companies in the cosmetics industry are selected. The products were evaluated by a professional jury composed of eminent experts in their respective fields, including the market, brand, science, quality, social media and communication. According to its principles, the winner can only be a cosmetic concept that evokes only positive emotions and provides consumers with the highest quality.

Molecular perfume is an innovation in the world of fragrances. It is a combination of traditional fragrance notes with a molecular particle, i.e. an artistic interpretation of impressions created in a laboratory. They can be used singly or freely combined with each other, as well as experimenting with the proportions and order of overlap. Thanks to this, we can compose our own fragrance, individual as a system of fingerprints.