New series! Skin Balance Moisturising

Did you know that all skin - regardless of age or type - needs hydration and to keep the microbiota in balance? That's why we have created a series of vegan cosmetics for her and him that will take care of this.

Our cosmetics are rich in natural active ingredients that provide the skin with the right amount of hydration and care for the condition of its microbiota. It's a three-step skincare routine that will ensure your complexion is always beautiful and glowing.

Gentle Facial Wash cleanses and refreshes the skin without affecting its hydrolipidic film. Contains an active plant complex with raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, strawberry and cucumber extracts to moisturise the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis. Niacinamide allows it to remain young and glowing for longer, while prebiotics restore the skin's natural balance.

Gentle Enzyme Face Scrub, thanks to the bioactive complex of 3 tropical fruits, effectively and gently removes dead skin, improves skin texture and helps to eliminate uneven pigmentation. And it contains plant extracts and hyaluronic acid salt to restore the skin's moisture levels. It also contains prebiotics, which take care of your skin's microbiome.

To meet the different needs of men's and women's skin, we have created two creams - for her and for him - that provide fast, long-lasting hydration and moisturisation, as well as taking care of the skin's microbiota. We used Hydrafence™ in their formulas - a natural moisturising ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier, hyaluronic acid salt and glycerine, which bind water in the epidermis, and plant oils that prevent water loss and protect the skin from harmful external factors. In addition, the cream for women also contains a complex of plant extracts, while the cream for men contains an active ingredient that effectively reduces excessive sebum production.

We have also ensured that our cosmetics smell beautifully of blackcurrant, patchouli, bergamot, peach and musk. This makes their use even more pleasant.

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