How do I fix my make-up and make my complexion look fresh again?

If you need an extremely light cosmetic to extend the life of your make-up for hours and refresh your complexion during the day, reach for our Pure Natural Translucent Powder. Perfectly adapts to any skin tone. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Why will you love it: For instantly reducing shine without drying or causing a feeling of tightness.

Creates a velvety, natural finish to make-up - without a mask effect.

What will delight you about it: powder contains 99% ingredients of natural origin.  You will find silica and kaolin in it, which, thanks to the ability to absorb sebum, perfectly matt the skin. In addition, silica optically smoothes the skin, making fine wrinkles and imperfections less visible.

What else is worth knowing about it: Its light formula provides flawless looking skin for a long time. You can use it alone or to finish your makeup and refresh your complexion during the day. Perfect for hot weather and physical activity.

How to use it: using a sponge, spread a small amount of powder evenly over the face.

What else are we proud of:

100% of respondents * confirmed that our powder provides the skin with a smooth and velvety finish, creates a light, delicate, invisible layer on the skin and perfectly adheres to the face without creating a mask effect. They all said that the cosmetic does not clog pores and spreads easily and evenly. 

* Based on independent application and use studies carried out on a group of 25 people.