How to effectively take care of hand hygiene without using water?
At work, at school, on the road, on a walk or in public transport - everywhere our hands come into contact with many germs. Therefore, if you want to take care of their hygiene and do not have access to water and soap, use our REFRESHING HAND GELS WITH ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT. It spreads easily, does not require rinsing and does not dry the skin. Thanks to the pocket dimensions, you can always have it with you!

Why you'll love it: for washing thoroughly, effectively and quickly removing impurities from your hands and reducing the amount of bacteria on your skin - without using water. It contains tea tree oil - a natural antibacterial ingredient and alcohol, which provides the skin with hygienic cleanliness and refreshment.

What is our secret: a specially developed formula containing rice oil, which not only perfectly cleanses the hands and protects them from pollution  but it also takes care of their condition. It leaves the skin nourished, moisturized and pleasant to the touch. The gel can also be used for children over 3 years of age, under adult supervision.

What else is worth knowing about it: the gel is convenient to use. It evaporates quickly, providing a feeling of purity and refreshment. Does not create a sticky layer on the hands. It leaves a pleasant, fresh scent on them. Its effectiveness in reducing bacteria has been confirmed by tests performed on several bacterial strains, which are also a natural microflora on the skin surface.

How to use it: spread  small amount of gel on your hands and between your fingers. Do not rinse off. Repeat if necessary.

What smells so beautiful: a fruity-floral composition with a hint of juicy peach, apricot and apple as well as a delicate lily, rose and magnolia, complemented with the aroma of musk and sandalwood. Formula containing up to 96% ingredients of natural origin, created for daily care of hands.