How to give your lips a beautiful shade?

If you're looking for something that will not only highlight your lips but take care of them too, reach for our SATIN STYLIST LIP PENCIL. Your lips will get a beautiful shade and the natural nourishing ingredients will improve their condition and make them well nourished and moisturised.


Why you will love it: for the fact that thanks to its soft, creamy texture, it is extremely easy and pleasant to apply.

What you will be delighted about: combines the properties of a lipstick and a lip balm. Thanks to the richness of oils and waxes, it perfectly nurtures the lips and improves their condition. Organic raspberry seed oil, castor oil and carnauba and candelilla wax moisturise them and protect their delicate skin from harmful external factors. They restore their softness and smoothness.

What else you should know about it: the lipstick is not sticky, does not dry out the lips and does not emphasise their imperfections. And it smells beautifully of juicy peach.

How to use it: pull out the stick and colour your lips with a smooth stroke. The pencil does not require sharpening.

What assures you an additional security: a mild formula that is suitable for people with sensitive skin.


What do the users say?

100% of the respondents* confirmed that the lipstick met their expectations and would recommend it to friends. They said that it takes excellent care of their lips and covers them evenly with colour, giving them a beautiful, natural shade.

*Based on independent application and use studies conducted on a group of 25 people.

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