Make sure that wonderful aromas also surround you at home and improve your mood. Thanks to our SCENTED SACHETS you will fill selected places with a pleasant aroma of delicate flowers and juicy fruits. They perfectly refresh closed spaces with limited ventilation, such as drawers, dressers or shelves in wardrobes, gradually releasing their aroma. Perfect as a shoe freshener and dirty clothing in the laundry basket. You can also place the sachet in a bag or a handbag and enjoy the fresh fragrance every time you open it.

What smells so beautiful: a floral-fruity composition with a hint of refreshing lemon, sweet jasmine and aromatic pink pepper.

See how simple they are to use: all you have to do is remove the foil sachets and place them in the desired places. The smell lasts up to several weeks depending on the location of the sachet, the size of the space, as well as the air circulation.