How to take care of sportswear? If you regularly practice sports and can't imagine a week without training, you are certainly wearing functional clothing. We know that it requires special cleaning and care in order to maintain its properties for a long time, which is why we have created Liquid to wash sportswear. Not only does it effectively remove dirt, but it also protects the fabric structure and color. We used in it an innovative technology neutralizing unpleasant odors, which will provide you with a pleasant freshness also during training.

What you'll love it for: it not only cleans perfectly, but also refreshes sportswear and protects its properties. It is safe for all types of functional fabrics. It keeps them breathable.

What will delight you in it: a fragrance neutralizing formula. Thanks to it and the fragrance oils enclosed in special capsules, the scent of sweat is effectively neutralized not only during washing, but also when wearing clothes, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

What smells so beautiful: a composition made of original French fragrance oils with refreshing citrus notes, an intense green aroma of violet leaves, a mature rose and a subtle lily of the valley. It is ideally complemented by balsamic cedar tree, amber notes and sensual musk. 

What can you use it for: for cleaning and care of thermo-active clothing for various purposes - sports, membrane, windproof, waterproof or cotton. If the clothes to be cleaned require impregnation, use a suitable impregnant for functional clothing, pouring it into the rinsing chamber. Follow the recommendations of the clothing manufacturer.

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