If you want your makeup to acquire a unique character and the look to become mesmerising, put a timeless line on your eyelids. It perfectly enlarges the eyes and highlights the eyelash line, and at the same time it is very feminine! For such makeup to be extremely durable, even in extreme conditions, choose our WATERPROOF EYE SHADOW PEN. Thanks to it, you can create a perfect, smooth line in intense colour with one stroke.

What you will love it for: for a velvety, creamy texture and a soft stick, perfect for delicate eyelid skin. The pencil is highly pigmented and its colour does not change or fade, it looks fresh all day long.

What will delight you in it: the pencil is resistant to water and weather conditions. Perfect for hot and rainy weather. Does not smudge, crumble or reflect on the eyelid. Provides flawless makeup - up to 12 hours.
This is an ideal cosmetic for active women.

How to use it: pull out the stick and draw a line with a smooth stroke. The convenient, automatic pencil is easy to apply, and thanks to the built-in sharpener you will always keep it in optimal sharpness.
What else is worth knowing about it: the pencil was examined under the supervision of an oculist. It has a delicate, no scent formula, so it can also be used by people with sensitive eyes and wearing contact lenses.