Expressive, natural-looking eyebrows not only optically enlarge eyes, but also give the face character and enhance its features. Thanks to our WATERPROOF EYEBROW STYLIST PENCIL with a velvety, creamy consistency you will get a spectacular effect for many hours. The pencil has a brush and a contoured tip that will help you easily shape and style your eyebrows in a few moments.

What you'll love it for: for a specially shaped stylus and a comfortable brush. The triangular stylus enables precise and even application. Perfectly fills cavities between hairs, highlights the bow and marks its shape. And the brush combs and arranges eyebrows perfectly.

What will delight you in it: the pencil is resistant to water and weather conditions. Works great in both, hot and rainy weather. It is smudge-resistant, does not crumble, does not stick eyebrows and does not leave chunks. to high pigmentation, it perfectly covers eyebrows with colour. Provides long-lasting, natural styling effect - even for 12 hours.

How to use it: brush your eyebrows with a brush. Then pull out the stick and underline short strokes to shape and complete them, giving them the desired shape. Finally, apply the brush again to remove any excess pencil from your eyebrows hair and to arrange your eyebrows.

What else is worth knowing about it: its delicate formula is suitable for people with sensitive skin.