Why do essential oils used in Prouvé perfumes come only from Grasse?
Because according to experts they are the best. The French city of Grasse is the heart of world perfume industry. Prouvé fragrances are elaborated in one of the oldest and most renown French perfume company in Grasse, where perfumes have been created since the 18th century.

How can I be sure that essential oils come from Grasse?
Each bottle with Prouvé perfume has a certificate confirming that it was made according to the best practices in perfume industry and only from the best French essential oils. The certificate confirms that Prouvé is always the best choice you can make.

How are Prouvé perfumes refined?
Prouvé perfumes return to the best French traditions of perfume refining. The perfumes are made using traditional refining processes: maceration (ageing), freezing and filtration. As a result they are incredibly strong, transparent and full of fragrance.

Why do perfumes for women have odd numbers and the ones for men even numbers?
As we are highly pragmatic, we introduced such a smart system so that our Clients and Partners know straight away the type of perfume they are looking at. And why do perfumes for women have odd numbers? Because number one in our company is a woman.

Where do the three scent notes come from?
All labels on our fragrant products specify three scent notes which inspired the entire fragrance. These three notes are the main theme of the perfume composition, whereas other ingredients form a subtle, perfectly matching background. When you pay look at the architecture of the fragrance, you may find them in different places: in the head, heart and base notes. Theese three notes will help you imagine the fragrance and help you choose a fragrance you will love.

Why do packagings and labels of perfumes in black and white?
The colours we choose say much about us. The white colour symbolizes cleanness and the black colour classic elegance. Together they reflect our philosophy based on honesty and simple rules. In black and white, no colour embellishments needed.

Why do all bottles look the same?
The simple and bright flacon from thick, transparent glass was made with great precision by Italian designers. This is our strategic element. Colourful flacons may distort the perception and they impose an interpretation of perfume. And we want our Partners and Clients to approach perfume almost in the same way as professional perfumers. We want them to discover emotions and feelings perfumes evoke. This makes for a full and conscious experience.

Does Katarzyna Trawińska compose perfumes on her own?
No, but she works closely with perfume creators and it is her who has the final word when it comes to the composition and selection of ingredient.

What is maceration?
Maceration is the same as perfume ageing, which can last as long as a few weeks. It is required for the scent to develop fully.

What is filtration?
It is a process of careful extraction of impurities and substances which do not dissolve in alcohol. Filtration is responsible for maximum clarity of a scent.

What is freezing?
Freezing is a process whose purpose is to obtain maximum clarity and stability of perfume.

How much essential oils are there in Prouvé perfumes?
Essential oils make as much as 20% of Prouvé perfumes.

What is perfume projection?
Projection means spatial distribution of perfume. Projection may be subtle, which means that perfume stays close to the skin, or intensive and strong when scent notes ‘disperse’ and create a fragrant trail. Which projection is better? Everything depends on the circumstances. Perfumes with a moderate projection are appropriate for work or school. But whenever you want to shine, opt for perfumes with a strong projection.

What makes perfume long-lasting?
Perfume longevity depends on a several factors: quality of essential oils, quality of used alcohol (special alcohol used by perfumers is required, free from additional scent notes which have adverse effect on the composition), refining process (maceration, filtration and freezing), as well as the cap and atomizer (they have to be tight and fit perfectly, no air can penetrate inside; they have to be made of appropriate material which does not interact with the perfume).

Are perfume samples available?
Of course. They may be purchased separately or as a set in an elegant case.

How to choose perfume?
Choose the type of perfume or scent notes you like. Open the sample and apply a bit on your skin or a test strip. Let it unfold fully, give yourself time to experience the richness of ingredients. First minutes account for a delicate and vibrating head note. Then the heart note appears. Finally, we come to appreciate the base note. Remember that you do not have to limit yourself to one type of scent, you may choose a few different perfumes for different occasions.

Are essential oils used in Prouvé perfumes natural or synthetic?
Both natural and synthetic (white). We use white ingredients to for instance protect animals which used to be the source of precious ingredients. This is why we only use white ambergris and white musk.

Can perfumes cause allergy?
Unfortunately yes, so there is a list of allergens on every packaging.

Does Prouvé offer eau de toilette and eau de parfum?
No, Prouvé offers only perfumes.

How are fragrances classified?
Fragrances are divided into the following families: floral (mainly for women), oriental, citrus, aquatic, woody, fougere (mainly for men) and chypre.

What is head note?
The head note (top note) opens the composition. It is the most delicate and fleeting part, which accounts for the first impression when you smell the perfume. It doesn’t last long, a few minutes up to half an hour or so.

What is heart note?
The middle or heart note appears approx. 20-30 minutes after the release of fragrance and resonates for a few hours. The heart note determines the family to which the fragrance belongs.

What is base note?
The base note is the most durable and resonates the longest. It represents the background of a composition. It can still be detected even up to 20 hours after the perfume has been sprayed.

What is layering?
Layering describes the overlapping of scent. The simplest way to obtain layering effect is to use cosmetics and perfume with the same scent notes (for instance perfume, shower gel, body balm).

What is phenomenon of molecular perfume?
Minimalist formula of Prouvé molecular perfume is a combination of single-ingredient, based on French essential oils composition with a molecule that gives the scent it’s expressive, vivid character.

What is a molecule?
Prouvé molecules are scents that you can’t find in nature. It’s an artistic interpretation of sensations that were immortalized in fragrant molecules thanks to advanced chemical technology.

What makes molecular perfume so special?
They stimulate the sense of smell and enhance fragrance note of the perfume. They give the composition a velvety finish but above all that they complement the natural scent of the skin. That’s the reason why masters of perfume production often compare them to pheromones.

How are the molecular perfume composed?
Molecule in this composition creates a magnificent background that resembles an aura around a single special, strong and leading note. That’s why this kind of perfume can be used on it’s own or mixed with each other. The scent develops individually on the skin hence in the end you’ll have your own, unique composition.

How is molecular perfume supposed to be used?
It's very simple, we designed it in a way that makes it possible for you to wear the perfume on it’s own or mix it with other scents creating your own, original fragrance. Find out which fragrance notes speak to your heart. Is it a fresh scent of lime, rose aroma or maybe it’s the forest that’s calling out to you? When you find out which scent is the one for you, try to mix it with another one and create something unexpectable and one of a kind.

How many new scent can I create with 6 Prouvé molecular perfume?
There’s hundreds and hundreds of scents and compositions you can create using our 6 molecular perfume.

How much of perfume is a molecular scents?

What is the meaning of color that are selected for each perfume (e.g. subtle white)?
We didn’t want to destroy the magical atmosphere around this special perfume so we decided to replace chemical names of molecular fragments with colors. But color that’s assigned to a perfume is not supposed to represent it’s actual color but the sensation that you feel one you smell it. That way it’s much easier for you to imagine the character of perfume and to have a bit of fun while doing it.

Can I mix molecular perfume with regular ones?
No. Regular perfume have a closed composition, adding another scent will disturb it.

To what type of skin is dedicated the 100% MINERAL LOOSE POWDER & FOUNDATION?
They are suitable for individuals of all skin types - oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Due to its simple, 100% mineral composition, our powder can be used even by individuals with a very sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Additionally, it contains mineral filters that provide protection against the harmful effects of sunlight.

You can use it in two ways: DRY: pour a little powder onto the lid, dip the brush in it, shake off the excess and distribute it on the face in soft, circular motions. WET: before applying, spray the face or the brush you’re going to use with a toner, mist or hydrolate. This will allow you to achieve a longer lasting effect.

To what type of skin is dedicated the 100% MINERAL LOOSE POWDER & FOUNDATION PERFEKCT SKIN?
Created for all skin types. The hypoallergenic, 100% mineral formula nurtures skin, lending it a balanced and natural colour. It covers even large discolorations and imperfections perfectly during the first application. A rich, smoothing formula containing white clay, that does not cause a feeling of tightness or a mask effect, and the mineral filters protect against sun rays. The silicon, calcium, magnesium and iron present in the composition gently tighten pores resulting in perfectly smooth skin, while nurturing it at the same time.

To what type of skin is dedicated the % MINERAL LOOSE POWDER & FOUNDATION MATTE SKIN?
Dedicated for women whose complexion is prone to become oily, it will also work great for individuals whose complexion tends to become shiny in the so-called T zone (forehead, nose, chin). The MINERAL LOOSE POWDER AND FOUNDATION is hypoallergenic and gentle, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin, prone to irritation. The addition of green clay and titanium oxide makes this beauty product absorb excess sebum, while the white clay contained in it beautifully smoothes the skin of the face. Both components are rich in microelements and mineral salts, indispensable for the proper functioning of our skin. Thanks to this, they perfectly nurture the complexion leaving it visibly smoother.

To what type of skin is dedicated the 100% MINERAL LOOSE POWDER & FOUNDATION LLUMINATED SKIN?
A formula developed for all skin types in need of illumination and glow. Recommended especially for tired, dull skin with fine wrinkles. Provides the effect of a radiant, glowing complexion, while the addition of pink clay strengthens and smoothes the skin of the face. Also suitable for individuals with skin that is sensitive and prone to allergies. The applied mineral filters protect the skin from exposure to the sun. The pink clay combines the smoothing and astringent properties of white clay with the absorption and strengthening properties characteristic of red clay. The combination of these two clays with light reflecting particles gives the skin a beautiful, polished look.

To what type of skin is dedicated the NATURAL BLUSH?
The light, hypoallergenic formula, that does not overburden the skin, will be suitable for all skin types also for individuals with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. In the composition of our NATURAL BLUSH you will find a natural emollient with a softening and protective effect. It provides the skin with the optimal level of hydration, protecting it against water loss and the infiltration of harmful substances from the environment. It is this emollient that lends the products their moisturizing effect.

To what type of skin is dedicated the NATURAL BRONZER?
The hypoallergenic formula is also suitable for all skin types also for sensitive skin, and its pleasant, velvety texture ensures the comfort of use. In the composition of our NATURAL BRONZER you will find a natural emollient with a softening and protective effect. It provides the skin with the optimal level of hydration, protecting it against water loss and the infiltration of harmful substances from the environment. It is this emollient that lends the products their moisturizing effect.

To what type of skin is dedicated the NATURAL HIGHLIGHTER?
Its hypoallergenic formula makes it suitable even for individuals with sensitive skin.In the composition of our NATURAL HIGHLIGHTER you will find a natural emollient with a softening and protective effect. It provides the skin with the optimal level of hydration, protecting it against water loss and the infiltration of harmful substances from the environment. It is this emollient that lends the products their moisturizing effect.

LENGTHENING AND STRENGTHENING MASCARA can be used by people with sensitive eyes?
Yes, a hypoallergenic, mild formula also recommended for ladies with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. We also made sure the product was ophthalmologically tested.

What is the strengthening effect of the LENGTHENING AND STRENGTHENING MASCARA?
An extremely rich formula containing: mastic gum oil, from the evergreen tree of Pistacia lentiscus, which has an extending effect on the lashes; a natural, versatile, active ingredient KERANUTRI™, which increases the diameter, elasticity and durability of eyelashes, reduces their fragility and also smoothes. The strengthening argan oil, also referred to as "liquid gold", which restores both damaged and healthy eyelashes.

LONG-LASTING EYE STYLIST PENCIL can be used by people with sensitive eyes?
Yes. The unscented and hypoallergenic formula can be used by individuals with sensitive, easily irritated eyes. . Thanks to the light, hypoallergenic formula, which has been ophthalmologically tested, the eye pencil is also recommended for individuals with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses.

LONG LASTING EYEBROW PENCIL can be used by people with sensitive skin?
Yes. The hypoallergenic formula makes the pencil suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

What are unisex products?
UNISEX - products that can be used by both women and men. They have carefully developed care formulas and fragrance compositions that are appropriate for all skin types.

What makes moisturizing properties of Prouvé Simply Pleasures so special?
The secret lays in extraordinary ingredients of our collection that hydrate skin on more than just one level.
Thanks to two of our ingredients – XERADIN and COPLEX OF ALGAE – our products can be a great therapy for dry and dehydrated skin. However, for normal, mixed and oily skin we provide help in keeping ideal level of hydration. Our products would also be a huge help for help for those who spend their days in dry and air-conditioned spaces.

What active ingredients are there in Prouvé Simply Pleasures washing gel?
Formula of the gel is based on delicate, non-irritant for skin cleaning substances of plant origin. Aside of XERADIN and complex of 5 algae it also contains glycerine and D-panthenol that regenerates and smooths the skin.

What consistency does Prouvé Simply Pleasures washing gel have?
It has pleasing, oily (but not too much!) consistency, it creates a delicate foam that cleans and conditions skin perfectly, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy.

Are there any French essential oils in the washing gel?
YES. Beautiful smell of original, French oils will make you relax like you never have before. It’ll take you to a world of senses where no worry of the real world exists.

The scent of Prouvé Simply Pleasures products is fresh and green. In note of the head we can find moss, ivy, bergamot and juicy black currant. Heart of the composition creates floral notes: rose and lily of the valley. Base of the scent is a mix of white musk and precious cedar wood.

How does Prouvé Simply Pleasures Body Balm work?
Prouvé Simply Pleasures Body Balm, thanks to carefully picked ingredients, successfully hydrates and revives the skin and protects it from getting too dry. Balm absorbs very quickly leaving the skin soft, delicate and velvety to touch.

Are there any moisturizing ingredients like XERADIN and botanic complex of 5 algae in Prouvé Simply Pleasures Body Balm?
YES. Aside from XERADIN and botanic complex of 5 algae there’s also derivative of vitamin E in the formula, it’s task is to keep your skin protected from free radicals. We also added plant-based glycerin that softens and hydrates the skin.

How often is the Body Balm supposed to be used?
The secret to perfect and flawless skin lays in moisturizing everyday and keeping strict everyday self-care routine. It’s the easiest way to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Can you find French essential oils in Prouvé Simply Pleasures Body Balm as well?
YES. French essential oils are the cause of the beautiful, relaxing scent that lingers on the skin for the whole day. Black currant, bergamot, rose, lily of the valley, musk, moss and cedar wood are all working together to create a scent that both women and men will fall in love with.

Is scent of the collection compatible with Prouvé perfume?
This scent will harmonize perfectly with 03m – wonderful smell of black currant is not the only thing they have in common, they both were the most popular scent, among both men and women in our internal tests.

Do Prouvé cleaning products contain essential oils from Grasse?
Yes. Prouvé cleaning products smell so wonderfully because they contain professional perfume compositions based on French essential oils from Grasse.

Why certain products are odourless?
For safety reasons. A pleasant smell could tempt to you to smell the product, what in case of for instance drain cleaners would be dangerous.

What are household cosmetics?
Household cosmetics are a part of our special range of products to clean and take care of your home. They are more delicate than traditional cleaning products and have a pleasant texture. They contain more nourishing and cosmetic components such as oils and wax.

Are products by Prouvé safe?
Yes. Each product passed a number of safety tests and detailed examinations. However, please do not forget to strictly follow the instructions printed on the label.

Have the product formulas been designed originally by Prouvé?
Yes. The formulas of Prouvé products are unique and original, so you won’t find identical or even similar products anywhere else. Each product and each fragrant composition were designed by Prouvé specialists. We take care of all the products at each step of their making - from the concept until the label - and we fully control the production and implementation process. As a result, we may guarantee that by choosing Prouvé, you’ll obtain unique and exceptional products which are effective, safe and wonderfully fragrant.

What is the Polish National Institute of Hygiene?
PZH (Państwowy Zakład Higieny / Polish National Institute of Hygiene) is the oldest public health institution in Poland. Since its founding in 1918, the institute has been protecting health and safety of the population. It’s aim is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and socially important non-infectious diseases, monitor the population’s health situation, improve hygiene and sanitary conditions as well as protection of the environment. The institute also runs tests and studies for central and local government institutions and participates in the drafting of important public health programmes in Poland. A PZH/NIH certificate proves that if used according to the instructions, the product complies with the highest safety standards and have no adverse effects on health and the environment. You can use it on surfaces that come into contact with food.

What is IFRA?
IFRA (International Fragrance Association) is an association founded in 1973 in Switzerland, which supervises the safety in the perfume industry by making laws, codes and standards and carrying out large-scale tests of perfume ingredients. The association drafted guidelines (so called IFRA standards) to raise awareness of consumers and manufacturers of fragrances so as to guarantee that the fragrances we come across every day through perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products are as safe as possible.

Why are the atomizer, the pump and the flip-top sold separately?
So that you may use them many times! The atomizer, pump and flip-top are not fast-wearing parts so keep them and use with a new product. This will have positive effect on the environment and you purse.

What is induction?
Induction sealing is a method of closing packagings at high temperatures. It is similar to a seal put on a packaging neck. Induction is the best method for closing plastic and glass packagings, which guarantees perfect tightness. It is excellent to protect products during transport and prolong their life. It also guarantees that you are the first to use the product.

What is a swivel blade for induction opening?
Look at the cap. Next to the logo there is a small swivel blade. Open the product, remove the cap and fix it one the product upside down. The swivel blade will pierce the induction and make a perfect opening.

How do we enhance user safety?
Our packagings are designed so that they are hermetic and will not spill off by accident. 1 litre bottles have a triple protection system: induction seal, cap and additional seal against accidental opening. 0.5 litre bottles have a double protection system: induction seal and hermetic cap. Products which pose special hazards have a safety cap and a convex warning label, the so-called safety triangle (for blind and sight impaired people). Our atomizers are equipped with a lock against accidental spaying.

Why does each package comes with a drawing?
Each label on our cleaning products has a drawing for two very important reasons. First, the drawing shows the intended use of each product and makes it more comfortable and intuitive to use. Second, it makes the product look better. We want our products to stand out, be beautiful and decorate each interior. This is the reason why Prouvé commissioned each drawing to be made by hand. Remember that every time you take a Prouvé product, you are holding a small masterpiece.

Why are packages of some products compact?
We know that in many homes there is not enough space for cleaning products. This is why we did our best to solve this problem by using efficient concentrates and gel formulas in compact packages. In this way we save time, space and money. That’s smart, won’t you say?

Why is gel better than liquid?
There are many reasons: a thick gel doesn't trickle down the surface but it covers it up, allowing active ingredients to do their job, so it is more effective. A gel formula is better concentrated and more efficient, so the product takes less space and lasts for longer. Gel formulas equal saved space, time and money.

Does Prouvé care about the environment?
Every package has a “Yes, we care” mark precisely because the answer is yes, we do care about the environment. Yes, it is important to us. We care about the environment but at the same time we do not pretend that our products contain only natural ingredients. We make use of technical innovations and discoveries in chemistry to make your life easier. We limit to the absolute minimum the content of allergens, parabens, SLS and bleaches. Our formulas are biodegradable and packages are fully recyclable.

Are Prouvé products tested on animals?
Never. We test our products on ourselves.

Are Prouvé formulas biodegradable?

What is MLM?
MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is a sales strategy of goods and services, which we chose for Prouvé products. It means that you won’t find our products in shops, shopping malls or on-line shops. They may be only purchased from Prouvé Partners. Prouvé Partners may build Structures composed of product users and/or product vendors and obtain additional rebates or remuneration.

What does direct selling mean?
Direct selling is based on product and service distribution that omits traditional marketing channels and where vendors reach prospective clients directly at their home, workplace or holiday destination.

What is Career Plan?

Career Plan is a document which describes financial prospects of your cooperation with Prouvé and precisely lays down rules according to which Rebates and Remuneration are calculated. The document will help you plan your cooperation with Prouvé at each stage: it will show you how to save money when buying Prouvé products or how to earn by selling and recommending them.
All Prouvé Partner may buy catalogue products with a 10%-25% discount on the catalogue price. The discount applies to all products save for accessories (pumps, atomizers and filp-tops). It means that with every purchase you save froma 10% to 25% on their value!

Am I obliged to make a purchase every month?

No, there is no such obligation. If one month you do not make a purchase, you won’t qualify for a Rebate or Remuneration. Remember that if you want to obtain a Rebate or Remuneration for a specific month you have to order Prouvé products for at least 100 pts.

Do I need to make a single purchase?
No. The points scored in a month accumulate.

Do all products have point value?
No, not all. Marketing, printing, and training materials, accessories and samples have no point value, so you won’t score any points for their purchase.

How can I know which products have point value and which don’t?
When placing an order at our on-line shop you will always see the point value of each product next to its current price.

How are the points converted into Rebates or Remuneration?
All points are converted into Rebates or Remuneration according to the rules laid down in Carrier Plan.

Can I sell products in shops, on a market or on-line?
No, it is contrary to our Terms and Conditions of Cooperation, the MLM idea and direct selling.

How can I work with Prouvé?

If you want to buy products and build a structure and sell our products, but you do not have your own business, we recommend you to cooperate as a Customer Advisor, while if you want to have a business relationship with us, build structures and sell, then we recommend you to cooperate as an Entrepreneur.

Who is eligible for Remuneration?
In the course of cooperation with Prouvé, Remuneration may be only awarded to Entrepreneur Partners.

Who is eligible for Rebate?

In the framework of cooperation with Prouvé, only Customer Advisor Partners can collect Rebates.

Can I pay for the entire order with a Rebate I received?
No. The rebate can account for up to 90% of a single order.

What is the validity period of a Rebate?

You may use a rebate until the end of January of the year following the calendar year in which the rebate was granted. So if you obtained a Rebate for November 2024, you can use it until the end of January 2025.

Can Rebates from different months sum up?
Yes. Rebates may sum up. But please remember that you may use a rebate until the end of January of the year following the calendar year in which the rebate was granted.

How to create an account (register) to be able to buy products?
It’s very simple. Fill in the paper application and deliver it in two copies to Prouvé or what is even simpler - fill in an on-line application.

Who may become a Prouvé Partner?
Each natural person aged 18, each sole proprietor, partnership or company may become a Prouvé Partner.

Can a partnership or company become a Prouvé Partner?
Yes, a Polish commercial law partnership or company may become a Prouvé Partner.

What is a Starter?
This is a basic tool used by a Prouvé Partner: it helps present the offer and collect orders. It has to be purchased to be able to build a Structure.

Do I have to buy a Starter?
No, if you don’t want to build a Structure you don’t have to by a Starter.

Who is a Sponsor?
A Sponsor is a person who recommended you cooperation with Prouvé and who is immediately above you in the Structure.

Am I obliged to have a Sponsor?
Yes. Each Partner has to have a Sponsor.

Can I change my Sponsor after the registration?
No, after the registration the Sponsor cannot be changed.

What happens if I do not know anybody who could be my Sponsor?
Prouvé will choose you a Sponsor at random from the list of registered persons who may become Sponsors. His or her data will automatically appear on your application for a new account at Prouvé.

Can I sponsor others?
Yes, provided you are a Customer Assistant or an Entrepreneur. If you are a Recipient Partner you may become a Sponsor after you buy a Starter of any type.

How can I order products?
If you are not our Partner yet, simply contact a Prouvé Partner you know and he or she will deliver you the products you order. You may buy them cheaper, if you register and place on-line orders via our website.

How are products shipped?
Ordered products are shipped by courier.

What are the costs of shipment?
The shipment fee depends on the value of the order expressed in points awarded for purchased products. For orders from 190 pts the shipment fee will be for smaller.

How can I pay for the order?
You may pay for the order by credit card after order saving.

How can I make a complaint?
Complaints may be sent via email to the following address: reklamacje@prouve.com, or by post. In the second case please send your complaint to the following address: Prouvé - Complaints, ul. Wyścigowa 56H, 53-012 Wrocław, Poland.

When can I make a complaint?
You can make a complaint if the Product:
- is defective,
- differs from the ordered Product,
- was ordered but has not been delivered.

What information should be included in a complaint?
To streamline the complaint handling, please provide the following information:
1) name and surname / business name of the Partner,
2) Partner number which was used to place the order,
3) address of residence / registered office of the Partner,
4) mailing address if it is not the same as specified above,
5) email address / phone number of the Partner,
6) date when the order was placed and its number,
7) number of the VAT invoice,
8) date of receipt of defective Products,
9) date when defects were discovered,
10) list of concerned Products along with the description of defects and serial number,
11) bank account number into which the price paid for defective Products and other costs are to be reimbursed.
12) preferred method of damage repair,
13) handwritten signature of the Partner.

What documents should be added to a complaint?
To streamline the process of complaint handling, please enclose photos of defective Products with the complaint (unless the Products have not been delivered).

Who bears the costs of shipment of defective Products?
Prouvé does not accept unpaid mail (cash on delivery). This is why we kindly ask you to send us defective Products at your own cost.
If the complaint is accepted, Prouvé will reimburse the Partner the cost of shipment.
The Partner may decide if the above sum is to be reimbursed in cash or used to pay for the Products he or she chooses.

How long does it take for Prouvé to handle a complaint?
We try to process each complaint as soon as possible.
If the complaint is made by a Partner who is a consumer, it will be processed within 14 days following its delivery.
If the complaint is made by a Partner who is not a consumer, it will be processed within 30 days following its receipt by Prouvé.
You will be immediately informed of any information missing in the letter of complaint. Such notification will specify how the missing information is to be completed.

When can I return a product?
A partner who is a consumer has the right to withdraw from a distance sales agreement within 14 days following the receipt of the Products without giving any reason.

How can I return a product?
To return a product, notify Prouvé by sending a statement via email to the following address: reklamacje@prouve.com, by courier or post to the following address: Prouvé sp. z o.o. sp. k., ul. Wyścigowa 56H, 53-012 Wrocław, Poland. Products should be returned to the following address:
Prouvé spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k., ul. Wyścigowa 56H, 53-012 Wrocław, Poland.

Who bears the costs of return?
The costs are incurred by the consumer if the returned product corresponds to the product which was ordered.

What is the reimbursement awaiting time?
Funds are returned automatically in the same method that was used to pay for the order. The maximum awaiting time for the reimbursement is 14 days.