We pull them out to greet others and we touch our loved ones with them. No wonder we want our hands to look beautiful and well cared for. To make sure they’re always pleasant to the touch and velvety smooth, we have developed the Moisturises hand cream whose active ingredients act as an "invisible glove", wrapping the skin and protecting it from dryness. The cream leaves a subtle film on the skin reinforcing the protective barrier of the skin.

What you will love it for: its active ingredients form an "invisible glove" on the palm of your hand that protects the epidermis against water loss. Thanks to this, the skin of your hands is better moisturized, smoother, and firm.

What is our secret: the combination of a complex of five algae with an extract from fig prickly pear and Canola oil.

What will delight you about it: you will feel its effect after just one application.

What will make you not want to trade it for any other: You will experience first hand the effects of the rich composition, that not only moisturizes the skin, but also regenerates it.

What else are we proud of: we have created a cream rich in moisturizing ingredients, but extraordinarily light and non-greasy in texture. This is essential for us because we do not like having moist or greasy hands.

What is that beautiful scent: blackcurrant, rose, lily of the valley, moss, musk and cedar wood.