A gently illuminated, radiant complexion is the perfect finishing touch of your everyday makeup. To add a bit of natural glow, use the PURE NATURAL HIGLIGHTER. Gently sweep it on the parts of the face that you want to emphasize: along the tips of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows, and you will immediately see your face gain a fresh, radiant look. A touch of the NATURAL HIGLIGHTER applied under the eyebrows will make your eyes appear larger, whereas spreading it around the cupid’s bow, right above the line of the upper lip, will optically enlarge and enhance your lips.

What you will love it for: for the perfect illumination of your make-up and for enhancing it. The particles of the NATURAL HIGHLIGHTER, which have a subtle light-reflecting quality, are very finely ground, and after being applied to the skin they form a uniform layer, making your complexion glow.

How to use it: you can achieve different results depending on how you layer the NATURAL HIGHLIGHTER. Light sweeping with a brush will provide a natural illumination, resulting in healthy-looking, rested skin. A heavier application will allow you to get a radiant, contoured complexion.

What will make you not want to trade it for any other: it is extremely light and blends perfectly with your complexion. Its hypoallergenic formula makes it suitable even for individuals with sensitive skin.

What else should you know about it: this finely ground and gentle for the skin pressed NATURAL HIGHLIGHTER has many functions - it not only illuminates and shapes the face, but also smoothes and energizes dull skin. It ensures a luminous makeup finish for many hours. The compact, elegant mirror case allows you to make makeup corrections any time, anywhere.

What is our secret: in the composition of our NATURAL HIGLIGHTER you will find a natural emollient with a softening and protective effect. It provides the skin with the optimal level of hydration, protecting it against water loss and the infiltration of harmful substances from the environment. It is this emollient that lends the products their moisturizing effect.

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