Makeup with a HOLO accent

Holographic glimmer became a fashion trend several seasons ago and it still dominates.

HOLO glitter invariably is a sensation and works great when used on a daily basis, as well as at parties, where the light additionally highlights the effect of shimmering multicoloured particles! In the case of holographic accents in makeup, however, you need to keep moderation. It's enough to emphasize one element so that the effect is electrifying. With the PROUVÉ HOLOGRAPHIC EYE STYLIST PENCIL we focus on using the HOLO style on the eye. Sapphire, or maybe emerald green? The colour is up to you. What counts above all is the sparkle, and a multi-coloured effect that changes and surprises, depending on the angle of incidence of light and its intensity.

For artistic, New Year's and carnival makeup, you can use the pencil to draw small decorative elements on your face, such as geometric shapes or fashionable animal motifs such as spots.