How to choose the perfect perfume?

The perfect perfume highlights your style and personality. They make you feel better. They spread a unique aura around you. But how do you find the right one among many fragrances? Here are some tips:

What fragrances do you like?

Think about what aromas you like, what positive emotions you have or how your favourite places smell. This will help to determine which fragrance notes and among which fragrance families to look for a perfume, e.g. whether it will be floral, fruit, citrus, oriental, woody or spicy compositions.


Specify the perfume projection

The projection of perfume is the spatial development of a given fragrance. It can be subtle, close to the skin - this means that perfume is only felt when someone comes closer to us. It can also be strong, intense - this means that the perfume will form a so-called train or tail and will be felt from a greater distance. The projection you choose depends on your preferences and the occasion, e.g. for work you can use a more delicate fragrance, and for an evening out where you want to shine you can use a strong projection fragrance.


It is worth knowing!

We have described each of our perfumes to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right fragrance. You will find information about the family it comes from, how it is perceived, what kind of projection it has and what category it comes from.


Always test

If you already have a few selected perfumes, it is time for a test. Thanks to blotters (paper strips that you spray the perfume with) you will check whether the fragrance suits your taste and whether it is worth trying it on your skin. It is very important not to overlook this element of fragrance testing, because perfumes smell a little differently on paper and on skin. How they finally smell on your skin depends on its chemical composition, pH, type, moisture level and hormones.


Give yourself time...

to make a decision. Remember that perfume consists of three parts - head, heart and depth (base) notes. You will feel the head note as soon as the perfume is sprayed. Then the bouquet of aromas contained in the heart note will develop, and at the end a base note will reveal itself, which is felt for a few or several hours. To feel the full scent and see if you are sure you like all the notes in the scent, it is worth to "carry" it on your skin and see how it will change during the day. For this purpose, perfume samples will help you to test your fragrances.

Finally, remember to check that the selected perfume does not interfere with the scent of other products you use every day, such as body lotion or deodorant.