Popular ingredients of perfume

To create perfect, long-lasting perfume, it’s necessary to have a long-term and multi-level procedure. In olden days to create fragrance compositions people used aromas of natural origin taken from petals of flowers, fruit, herbs and skin or fur of animals. Nowadays, aside from scents made purely by mother nature we also have synthetic equivalents and ingredients made from scratch in chemical labs.

Natural ingredients of perfume

They’re mainly substances derived from plants or animals but also herbs, spices, roots and resins. The most well known group of ingredients are, of course, flowers. Deriving essential oils from flowers can be very expensive – to produce 1 kg of oil from rose grown in French Grasse you need as much as 1 ton of rose petals. When it comes to jasmine or violet the numbers are even more astounding and the process of producing more complicated.

Luckily, even a little bit of natural extract from fruit or flowers is enough to create an incredible scent. Furthermore, thanks to substances that are used nowadays i.e. aldehyde (they bring a stronger vibe to delicate scents of flowers), perfume are more expressive and long-lasting compared to their “ancestors”.

Synthetic equivalents

Currently we observe a trend of retreating from natural ingredients and leaning more towards using those that come from chemical labs. It comes with many advantages – aside from the obvious like availability, lower prices and simple production – synthetic equivalents to natural substances last longer, are less likely to cause allergic reaction and allow creating completely new, original and never known before fragrance notes e.g. metallic or ozone.

Many companies are avoiding natural ingredients for the sake of environment and animals. For example, acquiring 1 kg of musk – that’s very valued for it’s ability to make perfume last longer – means killing 160 musky deer that are endangered species. Since that method was prohibited, today musk in  fragrances in almost always made synthetically.

Prouve, as a Polish company that distils from best traditions of French is trying to combine it with modernity. We create our fragrance according to the best art of composing scents and aromas, using modern science and technology at the same time. We care about environment, that’s why our formulas are biodegradable and our packages fully recyclable. That’s one of the reasons why Prouve’s quality stands out and you can be certain that our products are perfect choice.