How to look after your hands?

Hands are our business card, so we want them to always look beautiful, neat, nice to the touch and silky smooth. Check how to take care of them.

The skin on the hands is delicate, thin and sensitive. As you grow older, your skin becomes thinner and limp. It is damaged by, for example, detergents we use to wash dishes and cleaning chemicals. The skin on the hands does not like intense sun, frost, wind, air conditioning and even hot or cold water. It can also be damaged by wrongly chosen soap, which dries the skin. These factors may cause the hands to become rough, dry and the skin will age faster. In order to prevent this from happening, it is worth to focus on daily care. Its irreplaceable element is hand cream. Use it several times a day and after each wash of hands.

Do you know what an 'invisible glove' is?

Our Daily Moisturising Hand Cream contains active ingredients that act as an "invisible glove" which wrap up the skin and protect it from water loss and dryness. The cream leaves a subtle film on it reinforcing its protective coat. It combines a botanical complex of 5 algae (rich in minerals, polysaccharides and amino acids), Prickly pear extract and Canola oil. Thanks to this, the hand skin is moisturised, smooth and tight. It does not leave an oily layer.

In addition to daily care, it is also worth preventing damage of the skin on your hands. How to do it?

- wear gloves for cleaning

- protect your hands from the harmful effects of sunlight by using a sunscreen

- wear gloves in winter

- replace your hand soap with one that will take care of your hands, e.g. Antibacterial hand foam which contains mild detergents and WHITESENSE™ complex, improving their appearance and reducing skin roughness

- replace your dishwashing detergent with one that will take care of your hands, e.g. Washing-up Gel with rice oil, herbal complex and polysaccharides from the Peruvian tare plant, which ensure proper skin hydration