How to take care of your clothes during laundry?

Did you happen to have to get rid of your favourite sweater which was pilling Or the T-shirt wasn't good for anything anymore, because it stretched out and worn out? To keep your clothes looking like new for longer, take care of them while washing.

Our effective and tested products will help you to make even the most delicate fabrics look beautiful and smell wonderful.

Conditioners for fabrics

Just add them to the last rinse and they certainly will surprise you. Perfumed Fabric Conditioner prevents the first signs of ageing and reduces mechanical damage during washing. It also makes the colours last longer. Clothes are nice to the touch and they look better. The conditioner also protects them from deformation and pilling. You will be amazed by its amazing scent of vanilla, pear, chocolate pralines and orange blossom. Thanks to the use of microcapsules, it stays on your clothes for up to 8 weeks.

The Long-lasting Perfumed Fabric Conditioner, on the other hand, contains wheat proteins, which protect colours from fading and white from graying. It cares for fabrics making them soft, flexible and fluffy. It actively protects fibres not only during washing but also during drying. It prevents damage, deformation and pilling. For T-shirt lovers we have good information - the conditioner prevents the prints on the shirts from cracking. And thanks to special HD Active Life microcapsules the beautiful aroma of coconut water, jasmine, ylang-ylang, aloe vera and musk lasts up to 24 weeks.

Perfumed fabric softening gel

Do you dream of ironing your clothes easier and spending less time doing it? Reach for Perfumed Fabric Softening Gel, which makes them extremely soft, light, fluffy and does not electrify. And there are far fewer 'wrinkles' when ironing. In the gel we used a fragrance composition made of French oils, which makes the clothes smell beautifully of sensual jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia and sandalwood and musk.


our conditioners and gel have undergone a number of detailed studies, including a dermatological study, which confirm skin tolerance.


What else should be remembered to make the clothes look like new for longer?

  • when choosing clothes, pay attention to the quality of the material and the composition
  • wash your clothes always according to the instructions on the label
  • Store your clothes in a wardrobe so that each item has sufficient space (so that they crumple less, and buttons, zipper or hooks from one suit do not hook against the other).
  • don't hang heavy clothes, e.g. jumpers on hangers, because they can get distorted
  • also pay attention to the shape and length of the hangers - hangers that are too short or too long can distort the clothes