Do scents have colors?

Green – with hint of herbs, fresh green twigs, breezy and light. Baby blue – aquatic, delicate but untamed. Red – sensual and hot like spices. While talking about scents we often refer to colors but could it really be that what we smell has colors?

Even though when talking about scents we refer to different colors and in this day and age bottles are made from gorgeous colored glass – assigning colors to smells is mostly a marketing strategy. Sensual fragrance in a purple, fresh and sweet in a pink one. When we’re picking out a minimalistic green bottle we’re not really expecting explosive smell of oriental spices and overwhelming incenses.

But isn’t it true that scent affect our other senses, including our vision? Scientists have discovered synesthesia phenomenon a long time ago – that’s what happens when we experience situations through many different senses all at once. We used that phenomenon in making our incomparable washing gel. Their scent compositions are inspired by colors: white for white clothing, black for dark and colors for colorful parts of our wardrobe. That’s how we succeeded in escalating the clean feeling in white and chic elegance of black. See for yourself what an amazing experience it is to hang your fresh washed laundry in the morning and smell white…