Occupation: perfumer. The secrets of "nose" work

This is one of the most niche professions in the world. To become the so-called "nose", i.e. a creator of fragrance compositions, one has to have huge, inborn predispositions and undergo long-term training.

Perfumer is a combination of artist and scientist. He must be above average sensitive to smells and recognize even the tiniest nuances, have an imagination and a very good memory. The best "noses" recognize up to 1500 scents of ingredients! Besides, it should be able to creatively combine fragrances and be patient because the composition process is tedious and time consuming, requires many tests and subtle changes in the proportions of ingredients.

This profession requires not only experience and knowledge, but also many sacrifices in private life and an appropriate lifestyle. For example, it is necessary to follow a diet that does not contain any food or spices that could adversely affect the sense of smell, and not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. The "nose" must constantly improve its skills, constantly learn and remember new scents.


How does a perfumer work?

 Each fragrance composition is a new project for him. He draws inspiration for his creation from impressions, ideas or emotions he wants to share or from a specially created brief. Nowadays, it is very often expected that perfumes will reflect world trends such as fashion. Sometimes it takes even several months to work on one fragrance composition.


Did you know that...

One of the tests that perfume candidates are required to take is a test for sensitivity to smell. They are given three fragrances, two of which are identical and the third one slightly different from them. Their task is to sense this delicate difference.