What effect does perfume have on men?

The fact that beautiful scent can seduce and get a men’s attention is well known to all women. However, is there a way for perfume to not only spark their interest but also ignite deep emotion? Can it really work as an aphrodisiac, stimulating senses and express more than any words ever could?

Most popular perfume is picked by… men

If you had a conversation with someone who sells perfume for a living or works in fragrance cosulting you’d be surprised to find out that how big of an influence men have on what perfume is the most popular at the moment. And it’s not only because of them getting it for women in their lives as a gift but more so it’s because of women themselves choosing scent based on what boyfriends or husbands think.

Interestingly, men are very likeminded when it comes to their scent preference. They are drawn to delicate fragrance, preferably floral or fruity. They also appreciate warm aromas e.g. vanilla, caramel, chocolate, almonds and all of the appetizing family of gourmand. Men adore when a hint of citrus scent mixes with the sweetness of flowers and fruit – they find it very refreshing and subtle. The most desired ingredient of a fragrance that is supposed to seduce men is musk – one of the most popular pheromones with a tiny trace of sweet, stimulating aroma.

But what men don’t appreciate? First of all - intense, suffocating and too sweet fragrance is a big no. Usually they aren’t too keen on scent of oriental or spicy families. Unisex perfume is a very poor choice if you’re goal is to seduce a man – they find it less feminine. Obviously, perfume that his mother, sister or grandma are using are off the table but that is pretty self-explanatory…

Recommended Prouve perfume for women

What scent to pick when trying to seduce a man? Based on our experience we present small ranking of our perfume that men love and find the most appealing and sensual. Pick one of them and you’re guaranteed to get their attention.

Prouve #9 is an appetizing mix of caramel, melon and cotton candy that will bring back your memories of childhood and make you feel carefree like a child and give you irresistible appetite for life. This sensual and long lasting composition will underline your femininity but won’t be too imposing thanks to added black currant leaf’s aroma.

Prouve #37 is something that will undoubtedly work on men’s imagination. Sweet, ambergris scent dominated by juicy notes of pomegranate, sensual hints of lotus and noble mahogany is perfect for elegant and mysterious women.

Prouve #5 will help you express lightness and girly ease. Vanilla scent with accents of fresh irises, jasmine and sensual white musk will guarantee that no man will be able to resist your charm.

Thanks to combination of rose, orange, patchouli and ylang-ylang fragrance Prouve #3 is subtle but also sensuous. Noticeable aroma of broad beans and vanilla will guarantee men falling on your feet and your confidence reaching new heights.