Lavender - a fragrant treasure of France

Did you know that lavender is called blue gold in France? Its best and most valuable varieties used in perfumery are grown in Provence, where the lavender season is now.

When seeing lavender, most of us immediately associate it with France and the very famous pictures of purple fields in Provence. Here, the entire summer is dedicated to its cultivation - the lavender season lasts from late June to mid-August and ends with the Lavender Festival. During this incredible celebration you can take part in colourful parades, taste local lavender delicacies and stock up on fragrant products.

Lavender has an herbal, slightly smoky and balsamic aroma. In the perfume, it harmonises well with herbs, juicy citrus, orange blossom or patchouli, among others. It can be found in the aromatic accord (an accord is a combination of several fragrance notes), where, together with basil, mint, thyme or rosemary, it creates an aromatic impression that evokes cleanliness and being well-groomed like right after a shower. This accord is primarily found in men's perfumes.

Lavender is valued not only by perfumers. For centuries, its calming and soothing properties have been used in aromatherapy. The ancient Romans liked to use it to aromatise their baths, they filled pillows with it and used it to fight off annoying insects, in Egypt it was considered a magic plant and was therefore used in funeral ceremonies and placed in tombs, and the Greeks used it to treat insomnia and back pain.

Perfumes in which you can find lavender: #10, #30, #34, #42, #44