Discover rituals with essential oils

Losing your strength? Lacking energy? Would you like to fall asleep more easily? Do you dream of a moment of relaxation? Do you want to relieve tired muscles? Are you struggling with cellulite? If you are looking for an effective and natural way to do this, reach for essential oils and discover their power!

Essential oils are concentrated, liquid substances with a strong, essential smell. They are extracted from different parts of the plant by steam distillation or by squeezing from the skin of the fruit. Their unique effects on the body, senses and well-being have been known for thousands of years.

In the Ancient times their disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties were popularly used. The Egyptians commonly used peppermint oil, cinnamon oil or juniper oil, among others. Oils were such an important part of their lives that they were compulsory equipment for the sarcophagus of the deceased. They were also used to embalm bodies. In Greece, Hippocrates recommended the use of oils for baths and massages. In India they are still used in religious ceremonies, medicine and in everyday life. Centuries ago, knowledge of oils was considered secret, known only to shamans and medicine men. Today, everyone can benefit from their beneficial effects and take care of themselves on all levels.


Create your own skincare rituals

Choose the oil that best suits your needs and one of the ways to apply them and enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation:

aromatic bath - will help you soothe your senses, relax, relieve tension in the body, nourish the skin

hand and foot care bath - will help to ensure proper hydration and softness of the skin, great for relaxing tired feet

relaxing massage - helps to soothe the body and senses, improves skin elasticity and firmness, stimulates blood circulation

compress - use it on a selected part of the body

scenting the air - great for your well-being

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Remember: our essential oils are highly concentrated, so always use them as directed. Use them diluted in water or with our Natural Oil Avocado.