Magic in the world of fragrances

Our individual style and character is emphasised not only by clothes, accessories or make-up, but also by perfume. So if you want to expose them with your own unique fragrance, reach for the molecular perfume collection. That's 6 flacons and hundreds of compositions to create!

Molecular perfumes are so unusual because they combine traditional fragrance notes with a molecule that reflects a particular sensation, such as a crazy holiday by the sea, a fragrant garden full of blooming flowers or a relaxing walk in the woods, and enhances the natural scent of the skin.

How do they differ from regular perfumes? Because you can use them individually or combine them freely. So every day you can create a completely different and unique fragrance to suit your mood, occasion, styling, weather or season. Molecular perfumes are unisex, so both men and women can use them >> discover their power


Love it! Blend it!

Creating your own fragrance is very simple. Simply choose a perfume that will be your base and apply it to your skin. Then choose another fragrance or fragrances and add them to your base. A few sprays and you're done! Now you'll smell special - like no one else >> see how easy it is

You can mix 2, 3 or all 6 fragrances together, experiment with the order in which they are applied and with the proportions. Once you try them and know their power, you will love them. Play with scents, stand out, feel special.

 For a coffee with friends? For a business meeting? For a night out? Check the possibilities


Try out our combination suggestions, too:

The refreshing scent of a summer full of sunshine: combine 01m and 03m

Successful fragrance for a business meeting: combine 02m, 06m and 01m

For a date: combine 05m and 06m

For a romantic evening: combine 03m, 04m and 06m


What experiment do you fancy today?

Answer few questions and see what combination might make you happy today!