Fragrance families. Part 2

See what you'll find at the heart of perfumes from the water, floral and woody families and for what occasions it is worth using them.


They are full of energy, light and refreshing fragrances. In these compositions you will find notes of ambergris, crystalline water, sea breeze, fresh air, lotus, water lily, watermelon and even... seaweed. They are often combined with floral, woody or citrus notes.

They’re the perfect everyday perfumes, especially in the summer, because they add freshness and create the impression of cooling effect, so needed during the hot days.



It is the largest and most diverse family. In these perfumes, flowers took the leadership, including elegant rose, intoxicating jasmine, magnolia, peony, delicate lily of the valley, violet, sensual ylang-ylang, tuberose or orange blossom. They blend perfectly with fruity notes and gourmand.

These are fragrances that perfectly emphasize feminine charm, elegance and are very seductive. Depending on the used flowers, they can be sweet, delicate, romantic and light or intense, alluring even intoxicating.



They’re determined, intense, deep, warm and luxurious fragrances. In such compositions , sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, cedar and lignum vitae wood are the most often used ingredients. This family is primarily men's perfumes, although they are increasingly used in women's fragrances.

They add sophistication and are associated with professionalism, so it is worth using them for business meetings or when we want the fragrance to help us build authority.