Men's skin care without secrets

Men's skin is different from women's, so it needs a little different care. Find out how to take care of it properly and which cosmetics will help you.

Thanks to hormones, male skin is over 20% thicker. It is stronger and has better microcirculation, so it is better nourished. It also has more sebaceous glands, so it loses moisture more slowly and... ages more slowly. But it is more likely to develop inflammation and enlarged pores. And when wrinkles do appear, they tend to be deeper and more visible than on women.


What is harmful to men's skin?

Like women, it is adversely affected by sunlight, air pollution, wind, frost, cigarette smoke and stress. It is also harmed by daily shaving, which can disrupt its protective layer, irritate and dry it out. That is why daily care is so important. Although male skin is more resistant, it still needs the support of appropriately selected cosmetics.


Step 1: Cleansing

Use an enzyme scrub twice a week. This will get rid of dead skin cells and minimise the risk of blackheads. Your skin will also be better prepared to receive care ingredients from other cosmetics. Systematic peeling has another important benefit - it prevents ingrown hairs if you shave every day. In the morning and evening, wash your face with a mild gel that cleanses it deeply without disturbing its hydrolipidic layer.


Step 2: Moisturising and caring for your microbiome

Morning and evening cream application is a must have for every skincare routine. Without a daily dose of moisturisation and nourishment, skin can dry out and lose its elasticity. Irritation may also occur more frequently. It is also worth taking care of the balance of its microbiome.

Did you know that... the microbiome is the bacteria, viruses and fungi that inhabit the skin and are responsible for its condition and appearance, and form a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms and harmful external factors

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For this comprehensive care, use the Light Face Cream to moisturise, hydrate and balance the skin. Restores firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Men's skin can produce up to twice as much sebum, so you'll also find a special active ingredient to reduce shine.