Molecular perfums. Distinguish yourself with the fragrance

What is the fragrance of the perfect perfume? It’s different for each person but has one common feature: must be inimitable and unique. It’s exactly how our innovative molecular perfums are. They allow you to customize your fragrance.

The molecular perfume is a combination of a composition made of french scented oils with a molecular particle that gives a vivid and spatial character. Every bottle is an artistic interpretation of impressions such as a seaside holiday, a fragrant garden or a walk in the forest, closed in a scented particle.

How to use the molecular perfume?

We designed it so they can be worn individually or be freely mixed with each other.  Thanks to that 6 fragrances allow you to create hundreds unique scented combinations. To smell differently every day. To adjust the aroma of perfums to your mood, occasion or season. Additionally you can be sure that your perfum will be original and no one will smell like you.



 Choose the perfume that will be your base and apply it to your skin.



Choose another fragrance or scents and add them to your base by spraying them on your skin. You can mix 2, 3 or all 6 molecules together. You can also experiment with the order in which each fragrance is applied and the proportions in which it is applied.

>> See how to mix it

Good to know: molecular perfums are unisex meaning that are able to be used by women and men.