Hair thermal protection

Check why protecting hair from effects of high temperature during drying or styling is so important.

Our hair does not have an easy time. Everyday it is exposed to various factors that can affect its condition or apperance. Except sun, frost or air pollution, it can be weakened by various styling treatments where hairdryer, straightener or curling iron are used.


How does high temperature affect the hair?

Frequent contact of hair with hight temperature can affect its natural protective layer, and lead to keratine damages in deeper layers. In result, hair can be rough, brittle, dull and tends to be frizzy. Fortunately, there are cosmetic products on the market that effectively protect the hair against harmful effects of high temperatures by creating a protective coating that prevents them from drying out.

Do you know that... our Thermal Protection Hair Conditioner not only protects your hair from damages caused by heat styling but also cares for it? It shortens significantly the time of drying and facilties the combing. It strenghtens and deeply rebuilds the hair. Makes them being shiny and silky smooth to the touch. It contains KERAMARE™ that additionally works from inside, repairs damages and regenerates the hair. The conditioner is also enriched in ingredients like polysaccharides from Peruvian tara plant, hialuronic acid salt and betaine.


What more can you do to protect your hair?

Let them rest from effects of high temperature. If possible - let them dry themselves without using a hairdryer. If you have to use a hairdryer, set the lower temperature. The best method to check if the air from hairdryer is too hot, is turning it to your hand for a moment. If it burns you, means that the tempertaure is too high. Keep the hairdyer at the distance of at least 30 cm.

Give your hair a day-off from the heat styling. Low the temperature of the straightener or curling iron. Do not use them on wet hair.