How to choose a perfume for yourself?

A perfect perfume emphasizes your style and personality. It spreads around you an exceptional aura. How to find a proper perfume among so many others?

There are four steps to choose a perfect fragrance:

STEP 1. What fragrances do you like?

Take a moment to think what fragrances do you like, what evokes positive emotions in you or how your favourite places smell like. That will help to specify what fragrance notes and fragrance families you should look for.

STEP 2. Specify the projection of perfumes

The projection can be moderate (perfume is noticeable only when someone comes closer to us) or strong (perfume that creates so-called „tail” and will be noticeable from a distance). Choose it depending on your preferences or occasion, for instance delicate fragrances suit better for work and stronger ones for a night out. >> find out more

STEP 3. Test it

Check on blotter (the paper strip for testing perfumes) if the given fragrance suits you. If you like it, test it on your skin. Why? Because the fragrance will "work" differently on paper and differently on your skin.

STEP 4. Give yourself time

The perfume consists of three notes: top, heart and base. Therefore, to feel the depth of the fragrance and be sure that is the proper one, is important to keep the fragrance on your skin for few hours and check how does is change during the day. A perfumes sample are very helpful in this process.


To find a perfect perfume it is worth to know also the fragrance families. The family defines what is characteristic for a given fragrance and what notes can be found in the composition.


It’s the most popular family of fragrances for women and men. They are light and fresh. You can find notes of juicy citrus fruits in them. Use them on hot days as well as when you want to make yourself younger and skinnier because they create an impression of slimness and lightness. They improve the mood and add energy.


The fragrances full of energy, light and refreshing. They bring to mind a fresh air just after the storm or sea breeze. They suit perfectly for daily use, especially during the summer time, because they add the freshness and create the impression of chill.


It’s the biggest and most diverse family. Depending on which flowers were used, the fragrances can be sweet, delicate and romantic or intense, seductive and captivating. They create a perfect combination with notes of fruits and gourmand. They perfectly accentuate a femenine charm.


These fragrances take us to the colorful world of Middle and Far East. They combine sensuality and a bit of piquancy. They are deep and intense. Use them for special occasions and nights out to attract the attention of others and feel luxurious.


They are also known as fern fragrances. They are fresh and aromatic. You can notice a characteristic herbs notes and notes that bring the smell of the forest to the mind. They are classic and elegant fragrances with misterious and intriguing character.


The name of this family comes from French word „chypre” – means Cyprus – the island enriched with exceptional aromas. These fragrances combine citrus, floral and woody notes. They are associated with luxury and quality. Use them to seem more professional and feel unique. They are bold, strong and elegant.


Strong and elegant fragrances. Sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and cedar are most often used in their compositions. Use them for buisness meeting or when you want to build your prestige and give yourself more self-confidence.


Do you know that… in descriptions of our perfumes you will find information about what family do they come from and what is their perception. Thanks to that you will suit the perfumes better to the occassion or your mood and the way you want to impress the others.