Cellulite - how to effectively get rid of it?

Cellulite is a nightmare of many women - regardless of age and weight. Learn what is the reason of "orange skin" formation and how to cope with it.

What the cellulite is?

It's a distorted, irregulary distributed body fat, that forms lumps visible on the skin. It occurs most often on thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Sometimes it shows up on the arms.

We distinct different stages of cellulite development. In first stage, the lumps are visible only when we squeeze the skin, e.g. on thighs or buttocks. In next stage, the cellulite is already more visible. In third stage - it is visible with the unaided eye and lumps can be painful. The last stage of cellulite is large, painful and very noticeable lumps - in this case it is necessary to visit a doctor.


Why it is created?

There are many reasons. It might be microcirculation disorders, hormonal problems, no physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, poor diet, weight fluctuations, stress or excess of alcohol. Also wearing too tight clothes and high heels can contribute to its formation.


How to fight it?

To get rid of cellulite for good, it's worthy to act from inside and outside. The basis is to change a diet for healthier and balanced one (include in your menu products rich in fiber, vitamins and good fats, try to limit the amount of salt, sweets and processed food), drink a proper amount of water (helps to remove toxins from the body) and do sports. Lymphatic massages and specialized cosmetics that break down fat tissue, stimulate blood circulation and have a smoothing effect will help from the outside.


Make sure to try:

Our Daily shaping body lotion that improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin and smoothes out unevennesses. Thanks to the green coffee extract and the active ingredient derived from common reed, it supports the reduction of body fat and fight a burdensome cellulite. The plant complex has a firming effect on the skin, improves microcirculation and drains fat deposits. Tangerine peel extract smoothes the skin. Up to 96% of respondents* reported that after four weeks of using the shaping lotion, the skin is tighter and more supple and imperfections are less visible. Our cosmetic improves a skin smoothness by an average of 36%**.

Remember - the sooner you start acting, the better. Combating cellulite inthe early stage will be much faster and more effective.


* based on independent application and use studies conducted on a group of 25 people
** for medium skin indentations