Forget about the irritation after bikini shaving

Red, itchy spots after shaving of intimate area are a nightmare of many women. Check how to avoid them and how to properly depilate the intimate area.

Where the irritation after shaving come from?

Inflammation may occur when we break the epidermal barrier during improper shaving, and this is like an open door for various microorganisms. Red spots and irritation after shaving are usually caused by inflammation of hair follicles, it means places from which the hair grow. They can last from several hours until several days and cause a considerable discomfort.


How to avoid them?

Do not depilate the skin when it is already irritated, because you will only intensify this effect. Let the skin rest and regenerate.

Regularly exfoliate the bikini area to remove dead skin cells and "lift up" the hair. This will also help to fight with ingrowing hair after depilation.

Replace your razor regularly - dull blades are more likely to cause irritation.

Before depilation, clean the skin thoroughly and use a clean, sharp razor to shave.

Dry and water-only shaving is not enough neither. Use special cosmetics for shaving that will properly prepare the skin for this procedure. These cosmetics not only soften the hair but also provide an appropiate slide to the razor facilitating the shaving and minimazing the formation of cuts and irritation.

Remember that the best way is to shave the hair in the direction of hair growth, not "against the grain". Do not stretch the skin tightly and do not press the razor.

Rinse the razor during shaving to remove hair and shaving cream that remain on blade with every stroke.

Take care of the skin after depilation, soothing it properly and moisturizing. Make sure that the compositions of cosmetics you choose include soothing ingredients, like allantoin or panthenol. Also wear breathable underwear that let your skin breathe.


Do you know that...

Our Gentle gel for intimate hygiene and shaving creates a gentle foam which does not flow down the skin and facilitates the shaving. Makes the hair softer and reduces the susceptibility to irritation after shaving. The gel contains esters of xylitol that have an antibacterial and neutralizing effect as well as natural prebiotic that strengthen a skin’s microbiome and restore its balance. Lactic acid and betaine take care for proper moisturising of mucous membranes, allantoin regenerates the skin and panthenol has a soothing effect.