What is worth knowing about perfumes?

Do you love to surround yourself with beautiful fragrances and can't imagine a day without your favorite perfume? Discover four interesting facts about them:

The same perfume smells a little different on each of us

This is due to the fact that each of us has an individual smell of skin. The fragrance of a perfume depends on its chemical composition, type and PH, as well as its level of hydration, body temperature and hormones. That is why it is so important not to suggest only how a given composition smells on someone else. Perfumes should always be tested on your own skin.


The place where we put on the perfume is important

 The favorite fragrance should be applied directly on the body - in places where blood circulates faster and the skin is a little warmer, e.g. neck, temples, wrists. Thanks to this, the fragrance is better released and lasts longer. Do not rub the perfume after its application. In this way you can irritate the skin, as well as accelerate the evaporation of perfumes and shorten the sound of the first note. Hair should not be sprayed with perfume, because the alcohol contained in the hair can damage it. Do not use perfume behind your ear. There is the most sebum and lactic acid secreted by the skin, which can adversely affect the fragrance of the perfume.


Proper storage of perfumes extends their durability

It is best to keep the bottle with perfume in a cool, shady place and protect it from sunlight. Perfumes don't like moisture either. The bottle should be tightly closed to prevent air from entering. When choosing a place to store perfumes, avoid bathrooms and places close to radiators, windows and lamps.


Smelling coffee doesn't "cleanse" your nose of perfume

There is a belief that sniffing coffee beans when choosing a perfume helps to reset our nose and allows us to test our next fragrances. In fact, coffee is just another smell and has no purifying effect on olfactory receptors. Do not let yourself be persuaded to sniff coffee when testing fragrances. Ideally, after trying out up to four compositions, take a break and let your nose rest.