for her and for him

We create them in cooperation with one of the oldest and most recognized French perfume company in Grasse - the capital of world perfumery.

What makes them unique?

  • they are original, French fragrance compositions confirmed by a certification of authenticity
  • contain 20% of pure fragrance oils of the best quality
  • unique production process
  • three-step process of refinement

Make me Up
make-up cosmetic products

The creation of those cosmetics was inspired by the French way of beauty caring that focus on good mood, positive energy and joy.

What makes them unique?

  • they combine beautifying and caring properties
  • they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians – do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • they are very delicate, dedicated for a sensitive and prone to allergies skin - the researches confirm their hypoallergenicity

Simply Pleasures
body and hair care

These cosmetics perfectly care for skin and hair; thanks to their exceptionally pleasant consistency and fresh aroma, the care turns into fragrant, relaxing ritual

What makes them unique?

  • the cosmetics enriched with active ingredients that comprehensively care for the skin and hair
  • they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians – do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • they are unisex meaning that are able to be used by women and men
  • they have a wonderful fragrance, composed from French oils

face care and intimate hygiene

These are cosmetics enriched with natural active ingredients that not only moisturize perfectly the skin but also care about the microbiota

What makes them unique?

  • contain 97-99% of natural origin ingredients
  • their formulas are enriched with active ingredients
  • they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians – do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • they are so gentle that can be used also by people with sensitive skin
  • they smell wonderful making the care even more pleasant

oil and essential oils

They hide a remarkable power inside them, known for thousands of years. They will take a very good care about your body, mind and senses during the care rituals and help to regain an inner harmony.

What makes them unique?

  • the raw materials used for production are certificated and come from organic agriculture
  • they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians – do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • they are ideal for body and hair care as well as relaxing rituals

Home cleaning products and cosmetics

This is a specialized line of products that clean and take care of the surfaces and also smell beautifully. They make the cleaning process faster, easier and more enjoyable.

What makes them unique?

  • unique and extremly effective formulas
  • innovative ingredients and high content of surface active agents that are very effective for a cleaned surfaces
  • they are more gentle than most of the traditional cleaning products, their consistency is nicer and contain more cosmetic and caring components
  • they are characteristic by their unique smell composed from French oils
  • thanks to their concentrated gel consistency they are very efficient
  • they have passed a specialist examinations and security tests

home cleaning products and cosmetics

Those products are extension of Home&Living line so they keep all its features. Besides they have also another features that make them more eco-friendly.

What makes them unique?

  • contain more than 96% of natural origin ingredients that are very effective but at the same time eco-friendly
  • all the surface active agents are made from natural ingredients that cleans the surfaces very effectively
  • the bottles are made from 100% recycled material
  • the containers are fully recyclable

Good Life Labs
dietary supplements

Fighting against the overweight, stress and tension as well as lowered immunity - everybody sometimes struggles with such a problems. It's worthy then to reach out for a natural help in the form of our dietary supplements.

What makes them unique?

  • they are vegan - do not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • in each capsule you will find a wealth of carefully selected plant extracts

Good Life
food and accessories

It's a line of food products and dedicated accessories. By choosing our products you can be sure that you will receive only carefully selected products of the best quality.