Our Values

We look at life through a magical lens, where equality, principles and beautiful products are for everyone. Unfortunately, we didn't find such a place, so... we created one ourselves.


Our mission: 

To discover your potential and support you in your quest for a better life. In light of the magical aromas we create, our goal takes on a unique meaning. Discovering potential is more than a mere slogan for us - it's a commitment to helping you achieve great things. Each of our fragrances is a story that we want you to write with your own style. We want you to experience not only beauty, but also the power hidden within you through our products.


Our vision:

The desire to be the conscious choice of every consumer. We want you to feel that by choosing Prouvé, you are choosing not only a product, but also a lifestyle, full of beautiful fragrances and positive experiences. In addition to this, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming a pioneer in the MLM market.


Our values:

Honesty, openness and respect. And these are not just words, they are the foundation on which we build our community. We create a simple, ethical space where everyone can find their place. Together we not only follow a career path, but also enjoy shared moments that smell of success.