Creating perfumes is an art that requires not only a great knowledge and experience, but also patience, intuition and creativity, because perfume is not just a fragrance that we apply to our skin.

The perfume reflects emotions, memories, ideas and very important element which is building an image. That's why in Prouvé we attach so much importance to every composition created in cooperation with the best perfumers from Grasse - world capital of perfumery, where the oldest and most recognized perfume factories are located; fragrance oils produced in Grasse are considered the best and most precious.

And exactly this little part of Grasse and the genius of local perfumers is what we share with you in every bottle of our perfume.

What makes our perfumes to be unique?

20% of pure fragrance oils of the best quality
French fragrance compositions produced in Grasse
a multi-week and multi-stage production process
exceptional durability thanks to the ingredients of the best quality
certification of authority Made in France

What you will find in our offer?

Perfumes for her and for him
dozens of compositions for women and for men
exclusive perfumes for lovers of sophisticated and luxury frangrances
Molecular perfume
unisex fragrances that can be used separately or freely combined creating by this a unique compositions
perfumes characterised by unconventional compositions reflecting the four feelings - sensuality, desire, passion and wildness
TK perfume
original perfume by Katarzyna Trawińska, the owner of Prouvé brand