Blossom Symphony perfume is a Superproduct of the magazine 'Women's World' in 2019

Our exclusive perfume has received a unique distinction - the title of Women's Super-product of the World of 2019. The prize was awarded by readers of the magazine 'Women's World'.

The Women's Super-product World plebiscite is organised by the Bauer Publishing House and the editors of the monthly 'Women's World'. 454 products took part in the 13th edition, among which the jury and readers chose their favourites. A ceremonial gala took place in Warsaw on 2nd March 2020, during which we received our statuette. This is another award given to Prouvé products that confirms that they meet consumer expectations.

Blossom Symphony is a unique composition created from French fragrance oils from Grasse, for lovers of sophisticated fragrances. It's a sensual combination of floral and fruity aromas. In the perfume we have closed strong notes of pear and juicy blackcurrant, ripe rose, pink pepper and vanilla and balsamic cedar. This mysterious, sweet, slightly spicy fragrance transfers into the middle of sunny summer.