Daily Moisturising Foot Cream - novelty from Simply Pleasures series

Good condition of the foot skin is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health. With this in mind, we have created our Daily Moisturising Foot Cream with a specially developed formula, rich in active ingredients.

The cream works quickly and effectively, providing a visible improvement in the condition of the skin and appearance of the feet after the first application. It contains a botanical complex of 5 algae, urea and lactic acid to ensure proper skin hydration, while rice bran wax and Shea butter make the feet velvety soft and pleasant to the touch. We also included a natural odor neutralizer in our cream, which provides a unique feeling of comfort and freshness.

Daily Moisturising Foot Cream is another cosmetic from Simply Pleasures series, thanks to which you will take care of your skin and hair comprehensively. And the fresh, green fragrance composed of French oils will make your daily care even more pleasant.