Novelty! Refreshing Hand Gel - Antibacterial Effect

Now we should especially remember about hand hygiene. Unfortunately, we don't always have access to water and soap. In these situations, our Refreshing Hand Gel - Antibacterial Effect works great.

In the shop, in the lift, in public transport, on a walk or trip, our hands come into contact with many dirt and germs. Unfortunately, we cannot always thoroughly wash them with soap under running water. To take care of their hygiene, it is worth reaching for our Refreshing Hand Gel - Antibacterial Effect, which is easy to spread and does not require rinsing. It effectively removes impurities from the hands and reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin, because it contains 60% alcohol and an antibacterial component.

The gel guarantees hygienic cleanliness of the hands, and also cares for them - it does not dry the skin, leaves it moisturized, soft and pleasant to the touch. It doesn't leave a sticky layer on your hands and smells beautiful with juicy fruits, flowers and fresh mint. Now, always and everywhere we can take care of the cleanliness of our hands.