How to prepare yourself for major cleaning?

With our DIRT BUSTER at hand you’ll put your surroundings in order fast, and cleaning up will become easy. It will help you take care of not only interiors, but also spaces around the house. You can use it to clean gazebos, balconies, garages, elevations and put workshops in order. You’ll look after surfaces and eliminate all stubborn dirt.


Why you will love it: it’s powerful and efficient. From now on, you’ll be able to transform the surroundings of your home in the blink of an eye. With right dosage, you can adapt the strength of the liquid to your needs. Cleaning will become easier, and you’ll effortlessly remove: lubricants, waxes, oils, dirt and residues from very soiled surfaces.

What you will be delighted about: it removes dirt efficiently, even in cold water.

Our secret is: the extremely effective formula combines cleaning and degreasing properties. You can use the liquid on hard, unprotected, and alkali resisting surfaces.

What else we took care about: an additional, corrosion-slowing ingredients.

What smells so beaitiful: fresh orange blossom, delicate white flowers, rose, aromatic sandalwood.

What you can clean with it: practically everything. Clean unprotected and hard surfaces: paving stones, terracotta tiles, lino, tiles. Wash the residue off the roof, balcony, terrace, and metal surfaces. You can also use it to clean dirty clothes and upholstery.


Look how simple it is to use: you can use the liquid to clean surfaces or to wash fabrics.

Surface cleaning:

- If lightly soiled: add 10 ml of liquid to 1L of water.

- If normally soiled: add 25 ml of liquid to 1L of water.

- Dirt difficult to remove: add 50 of liquid to 1L of water.

Washing: add 10 ml of liquid to 1L of water.


In the case of stubborn stains and heavily soiled surfaces: use a 1:1 solution.

If you’re worried the detergent might damage the surface, it’s a good idea to test it on an unobtrusive area.


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