Smudges and fingerprints left on screens and devices made of stainless steel can be annoying not only on a sunny day. They appear out of the blue, at the slightest touch. They make it hard to enjoy a film, they are a flaw in a freshly cleaned room. And we hate when such trifles put as in a bad mood. That is why we designed the perfect screen & inox steel smart spray. It will make cleaning fast and safe, but more importantly it will prevent new stains.

Why you’ll love it: it doesn’t leave traces and smudges on cleaned surfaces.

What surfaces you can use it on: computer screens, TV screens, plasma, LCD, LED and other displays, remote controls, mobile phones and computer keyboard. It is also recommended for cleaning devices made of INOX steel. You can use it for both matte and shiny surfaces.

Our secret: the spray forms an electrostatic coat on the surface, preventing dust from accumulating again.

What this lovely scent is: juicy citrus fruit, jasmine, sweet vanilla, sandalwood

Recommended replaceable accessories: classic atomizer

See how simple it is: spray a small amount of liquid on a microfibre cloth and spread it on the surface you want to clean. Wipe it, and that’s it.

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